Engage your students in the first 60 seconds

Motivate your students to learn by gamifying the first minute of your class.

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(C) beAuthentic Inc. 2020-2021

What is AskClass?

AskClass is the ultimate ice breaker for online and in-person classrooms that help students to connect with one another and to maximize student engagement.
We bring questions, music, and classroom games that elevate
the learning experience for students.

(C) beAuthentic Inc. 2020-2021

Key Benefits

Grab attention thorugh a gamified experience

AskClass motivates students to speak up and participate through gamified experiences throughout your course.

Add music optimized for your classroom experience

Instantly insert background music for the beginning of class, Q&A, discussion and reflection time.

Show that you genuinely care

Students who know that their teachers care become more interested and motivated.

(C) beAuthentic Inc. 2020-2021


Currently, this is only offered at San Jose State University. If you would like to have your school access to AskClass, please contact us.

(C) beAuthentic Inc. 2020-2021